RBActive November Moves Challenge

The RBActive team are challenging all members to try their hand at the November MOVEs challenge through the RBActive app.

Simply hit up the gym or take to the pavement to earn as many MOVEs as you can throughout the month of November.
The more MOVEs you obtain, the better your chance of winning some great prizes!

You’ll need to download the RBActive App through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to track your MOVEs.

Got any questions? Send Carissa an email at cholland@clublinks.com.au

What are MOVEs?

If you’re not familiar with MOVEs, they are the ultimate unit of measurement in the MyWellness app for objectively assessing your lifestyle, based on the exercise you do regardless of your age or fitness level.

Any action you take that involves movement will be accurately tracked and recorded.

To give you a better understanding of how MOVEs are calculated, here’s a simple example:
Five flights of stairs are considered as 50 MOVEs
A nice walk for half an hour equals 200 MOVEs
If you decided to run instead of walk for half an hour, that would double your MOVEs to 200!


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