We’ve created an RBActive app and website which gives you access to a range of awesome benefits to support you on your fitness journey:

– Challenge yourself with our Workout of the Week
– Booking group fitness classes
– Access on-demand classes
– Fitness and nutrition tips
– Sync your fitness tracker to manage your fitness goals
– Compete with your peers in exclusive staff challenges




– We originally launched at Martin Place but have had to relocate to the BRS site due to structural building works!

– We have run over 500 group fitness and 1-1 sessions since we launched in 2021.

– Coach Gyles is on hand to assist you with your fitness goals.

– We want to encourage employees across all RBA sites to MOVE MORE

– Coach Gyles can custom design a program for you via the RBActive App

– All you need to do is take the first step – Email gmarchand@unswfac.com.au

Book a Health Consultation with us!

We’re pleased to offer two new services here at RBActive.

Click the links below to book an Exercise Physiology with our in-house EP or a Health Consultation with Head Trainer, Gyles.



Group Fitness Timetable

We offer a range of group fitness classes held within the RBActive gym.

You can access the timetable and register for classes below.

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Boxing – Glove up and get ready to rumble! These boxing classes are designed to help improve your fitness and learn a variety of combinations. Boxing is the perfect all round workout! Equipment is provided.

Mobility & Stretch – This class aims to increase your overall mobility which will help improve your movement when training. This class also focusses on increasing your flexibility and practising breathing techniques that will get you into a good mindset before returning to work.

Virtual Strength – A combination of compound exercises focusing on all major muscle groups. No weights? That’s fine! Exercises can be done using body weight or grab a few cans out of the cupboard. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Virtual EMOM – Combining both strength and cardio, this class does it all! EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. It’s a race between you and the clock! Complete a certain number of reps per exercise within the time frame Whatever time you complete it in, the rest is your rest! This is a great way to challenge yourself and work up a sweat.

Core & Stretch– This class is divided into two parts, the first 15 minutes you’ll learn to engage and strengthen your core. The second half of class will work on increasing your flexibility and practising breathing techniques that will get you into a good mindset before returning to work.

Virtual HIIT – Your go-to class to work up a good sweat! Working for short bursts of time with little recovery, this high intensity class is designed to improve power, stamina and agility that will aid your overall fitness. Our trainer always provides a low and high impact option which makes this class suitable for all fitness levels!

RBA Strong – RBA Strong is all about strengthening your body. It’s great for injury prevention, posture correction, muscle toning and fat loss. You will learn about technique and how to increase your weights safely all whilst getting in a solid workout. Suitable for all fitness levels.

RBA FIT – A combination of resistance training and cardio – everything you know and love! This class is designed to work on your overall fitness and will target your whole body. Guaranteed to make you sweat and get that heart rate up! Suitable for all fitness levels.

1 on 1 consult – Are you after a personalized program and map out an exercise weekly planner to help you form a routine? Whatever it is, book in and Mel will help you out!

Access On-Demand Classes through RBActive

As part of your RBActive experience, you can access on-demand classes through the MyWellness portal. This portal provides you with the opportunity to pick any workout based on the equipment available in the gym.

Watch the videos and participate in time with the instructors, or mix and match your own workout.

Using your RBActive account that was created for the App, you can login here to access the library of on-demand classes.


RBActive APP

To make the most of your RBActive experience, we’ve created an exclusive app. Below outlines the steps to download the app.

How to access the RBActive App:

1. Create an RBActive account through this exclusive MyWellness App (MyWellness is the platform that houses the RBActive App).
We strongly encourage you to use a personal email when creating an account on the MyWellness platform.
2. Download the RBActive App using the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your phone type.
3. Login using the RBActive account you created in Step 1. To ensure the RBActive app is kept secure for RBA staff, you won’t be able to create an account on the app, only via the link above.
4. Start your fitness journey with RBActive! Book in for group fitness classes, set yourself fitness challenges and enjoy the RBActive experience.

Meet the Team



Meet Gyles

Gyles has over 5 years’ experience within the fitness industry. In his time, he has worked for both commercial gyms and smaller gyms as well as international cruise ships. On top of his time as a PT, he has also furthered his own knowledge and skills by completing a strength and conditioning certification which has allowed him to work for numerous professional outfits in a variety of different sports.

He is all about having fun and high energy, as well as always creating challenging workouts. You will never do the same workout within a week and will always be learning new lifts and moves that you can add to your own training!!

Certificates and Experience: 

  • Diploma of Fitness
  • UFC Certified Trainer
  • Level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Sport specific training

Work Experience  

  • Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Harold Matthews squad
  • St Marys Jr Rugby League S&C Coach
  • Personal Training on Luxury Cruise Ships



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Staffed Hours

Monday to Friday:
11.00am - 2.00pm

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