MOVE in March with RBActive

Whether you’re looking for an excuse to MOVE MORE or are prepping for the RBA Inter-departmental Run coming up in March – Coach Carissa at RBActive is encouraging you to MOVE MORE in March.

RBActive usually runs in person from Martin Place, but with building works happening there, we’ve relocated and have built an awesome active community at the BRS site. This March – we’re going virtual to accommodate for and to encourage RBA employees, across all sites to MOVE MORE. Rally up your team and colleagues in March and get involved in the program.

There are two ways to get involved. You can join the MOVES challenge via the RBActive app and or get active with FREE Stretch and Mobility sessions running every Wednesday at 12:00PM during the month.


Join us for a Virtual Kick off Information Session:


When: Monday 27 February 2023 at 11.00AM

How to join:  ZOOM

Meeting ID = 543 520 6327

Passcode = rbactive


What we’ll go over:

– Meet and greet Coach Carissa

– About RBActive

– Information on the Virtual Stretch & Mobility sessions – What to expect?

– About the RBActive app Challenge – Making sure you’re all set!

– How to stay in touch with Coach Carissa .


About the MOVES Challenge via the RBActive App:


What is the challenge:  
Join the MARCH MOVE challenge via the RBActive App and accumulate 25,000 MOVES to go in the draw to WIN 1 of 6 Personal Training sessions (Online or in-person sessions are available)

What is a MOVE?
A MOVE is a metric that quantifies how much you are moving tracked via the RBActive app. The app will always track your MOVES if you allow it. You will need to join the Challenge via the app to have your MOVES go into the challenge board participants – Move more and you will accumulate more moves… Move less… And, well – you will still accumulate moves but perhaps not enough to hit 25,000 in March! Get up off your office chair and go for a walk around the building (with your phone in tow)… Park further away from the office and walk a further distance than usual, supplement your work break for a stroll around the block. There are plenty of ways to find hacks to MOVE more. The greatest reward? Improved wellbeing. For scale, here’s some more insight into MOVES – 50 moves = 5 flights of stairs, 200 moves = half an hour of walking, 400 moves = half an hour of running.

How to Join:
1. Download the RBActive App

2. Create an account

3. Allow permission for your phones health tracking app to connect to the RBActive app

4. Coach Carissa will give you access to the app within 2 working days

Once you have been granted access….

5. Join the RBActive Move March challenge – First banner you will see on the app home page


If you get stuck along the way while trying to register or have any questions at all- reach out to Coach Carissa, at


We hope to see you at the Virtual Kick Off information session, at the virtual Stretch & Mobility sessions and on the challenge board in the RBActive App!


About the Stretch and Mobility Virtual Sessions


Your March virtual Stretch and Mobility Sessions are sweat friendly which means there should be no reason to miss out. You’ll be able to jump into the session for 30 minutes and then jump out to continue with your workday (no shower or outfit change required). The exercises and movements that’ll be delivered during the session are aimed to release stiffness, get the muscles and joints moving and arm you with simple exercise tools you can implement day to day to reap the benefits, long term. Join in from your desk, head to a meeting room with your team and do it together or join in from your home office – Your choice! .

Session days and times:

Wednesday 1 March at 12:00PM

Wednesday 8 March at 12:00PM

Wednesday 15 March at 12:00PM

Wednesday 22 March at 12:00PM

Wednesday 29 March at 12:00PM


How to log into the session:

Click here: ZOOM

Meeting ID = 543 520 6327

Passcode = rbactive


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Staffed Hours

Monday to Friday:
11.00am - 2.00pm

Contact the RBActive team at

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