Join the RBActive FebFast Challenge Team

The RBActive team are excited to announce that we’ll be participating in the FebFast challenge for the entire month of February. 

FebFast is a fantastic initiative which works to create healthier habits and raise funds for disadvantaged youth. 

So what’s the challenge? Each FebFast participant is encouraged to give up one unhealthy habit for the entire month of February. You can choose to give up alcohol, sugar, or any other unhealthy habit. 

Not only is this a great way to give up something unhealthy, it’s also a great way to start new healthy habits. 

So whether you want to eliminate that second cup of coffee in the morning, or sneaky afternoon treat, the choice is yours! 


Follow the steps below to join the RBActive FebFast Challenge Team

1. Click here to visit the FebFast website
2. Choose what you’re going to fast for the month of February
3. Enter your personal details
4. Create your password
5. Set your fundraising goal
6. Agree to T&Cs
7. Select the Join Team option to participate in the RBActive Team
8. Enter RBActive into the team name section
9. Click the icon
10. You’re a part of the RBActive FebFast Challenge Team! 

Please note: Participation does require donations so please share your personal donation link (located at the bottom of your profile page) with your friends and family to help support a great cause! 

The RBActive team will be offering up a prize for the person in the RBActive team who raises the most amount of money. 

Looking for some inspiration on what to give up for FebFast? Contact Melissa at for some helpful tips. 


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